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i dnt really know anymore..........

Quotes by omgitsbrittney0777

when i dream he always says,
i love you you love me to bad this isnt reality
have you ever noticed....
that yawns are fricking contagious! cause i have= P

why be so afraid of heights?
its not the fall that kills you.
its the landing
:  )
i think its hilarious when
you first wake up your prettier then you are during the day...

there are alot of fish in the sea.
but i think
ive found my nemo
and i think......
wittyprofiles should make a 'random' type of qoute for all those quotes you dont know where to put or there just plane random. im sure alot of other people feel so
rate for a random tab for quotes. high or low.
gosh darn it!
its actually kinda depressing when you see all these love qoutes and you really really want that to be you.
gosh darn it!
 well with my luck :  )  . . . . . . . . . .

<3 you

 --------------->yea that will never happen. 
sisters never quite.
forgive each other for what happened when they were 5

original. just give me credit.

true friendship comes when silence between 2 people is comfortable.
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