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Quotes by omgitscarly

cheers to the freakin' weekend.
i'll eat to that.

my love for food > my love for boys
my quote/my format. ♥
waiting for a text
it's friday night,
she's sitting home alone.
he has no intentions of calling,
keeps her waiting by the phone.

she reads all the locked texts from him,
the ones that make her smile.
pushes the thought out of her head,
that he hasn't sent one in a while.

she tries to keep herself busy,
but she keeps checking the time.
thinking he'll call her any minute,
he's the only thing on her mind.

her night drags by,
8 o'clock, 9 o'clock, 10.
she gets the sinking feeling,
that they are coming to an end.

finally the suspension gets her,
she breaks down and sends him a text.
minutes feel like hours,
as she waits for what comes next.

his phone beeps in his pocket,
he checks it, then puts it away.
he doesn't bother sending a reply,
he'll text her some other day.

she finally grows tired of waiting,
turns off the light and goes to bed.
but before she falls asleep,
he's the last thing in her head.

she drove herself crazy that night,
waiting for a text that never came.
he didn't even think twice about her.
to him, love's just a game.
s a y i n g   r a n d o m   n u m b e r s
when someone is counting to make them lose count. :P

until witty accepts your quote.
-dear algebra,
stop making me find your X.
sincerely, she's not coming back. 

"you had to be there." 

  when you realize your story isn't funny.

what can i do to make you say,
"come back to me"?
the urge to text him...
&i  want nothing  more,
than to forget about the guy