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first you should know im marielle 
im tall and have blonde hair lbue eyes.  i love to take pictures<3
i have a big heart , i cry most of these storys on here  
im here to talk , you could trust me and talk to me (:  
love me ? 
hate me? 
i could care less
call me pretty? 
call me ugly? 
i could care less
i might be jelous 
but really i could care less . 
every hotty with 
a body 
needs a cutie 
with a booty 
people that dont know me think im quiet 
people who do wish i was
 follow meeeeee please(: 

Quotes by omgitsmarielle1013

 I have heard
witty  is going to be shutting down

 i am heart broken you  guys helped me through so much

also i have grown  so muc h  thank you for all my follows and favs

on my quote s ...... remeber you are all beautiful dont let anyone  tell

you different remeber to sta y strong i will miss this♥



  Her  lies 

are almost as ugly as her face




guess what ;

im gunna be 13 in 13 days on oct. 13th <3


Some   pepole   change 

 more then facebook 

You have a problem with me. I’m pretty sure a status on Facebook won’t fix it..

i wonder 

how  josh feels

now that oprah

is really cancelled


please go check out #3565897 PLEASE 

if you had a heart 

 go like this facebook page

please would mean alot



if you had a heart you would read this

so this girl is 13 and she wants her singing to get reconlized 
  please go like her page on facebook

it will mean the world

nmf, mq


 just wondering

 how many  more  

there   are  on  witty


(favorite if you are a girl)

comment for guy (: