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i'm madison & i'm currently taken by an amaziing guy. i'm fifteen and a freshman.
some of my quotes are from xanga, but they all relate to me in some way.


quotes i needed to save.

after a while you can make yourself believe in almost 
anything. so i'm making myself believe i

Quotes by omgizzleitsmaddie

I think it's funny that
half the people who faved the "I survived the witty crash" quotes
also faved the quotes that say
"Here come the annoying 'I survived the witty crash' quotes again."


my boyfriend
(looking at plums at the store):

what are these? are they like
giant blueberries or something?!

am i the only one who,
when i'm upset i get on witty to see if people faved my quote,
then when i see like 10 people liked it i get even more depressed?


This is for the girls
That don't have that many friends,
who are constantly checking their phone waiting for someone to text them.

Who think that if they would kill themselves, no one would care.
Who have one bestfriend, and that's basically it.
Who try to avoid talking to people because they can't carry on a conversation.
Who try their hardest to avoid being called on in school.
Who work by themselves when you get to pick partners in class,
Who feel like no one cares ; always remember that someone loves you too ♥

'Cause we never get top quotes.


i know i'm not the only one who is terrified that my
ex boyfriend will be in one of my classes next year.

right? :/

the best feeling is when you're crying
and he just holds you and tells you it's going to be okay

Follow your heart,
but take your brain with you.

A cynical teenager is almost the saddest sight
to see because it means that he or she has gone
from knowing nothing to believing in nothing.


when i'm upset, i secretly wish
he would ask his mom to drive to my house just so he could hold me ♥


it only took me
1 year and 3 months,
but my heart doesn't stop
when i see you anymore ♥

i'm so proud of myself (: