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If you're brave enough to say goodbye;
life will reward you with a new hello.<3

+   Ballet is my passion.
 +   Writing is my escape.
+   Tumblr  = happiness.

Witty? What happened to you?
What happened to the real  quotes?

This breaks my heart;
this isn't the witty I knew months ago.
This is just a facebook 'likes' page now.
Witty, come back. <3

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Quotes by oneCHANCE

 If we're meant to happen, we'll happen.
Maybe not now, maybe later.
We just have to wait.


In three words, I can sum up everything about life;
it goes on.

& I just can't stand in the back and watch you fall in love with her.

& I don't know which is going to hurt more;
Holding on, or letting go.

 [ The worst part? ]
I was too late.

You're with her now,
and there's absolutely
nothing I can do about it.




Sometimes it's hard to believe that we're strangers now.
Looking at you, the memories keep flooding my mind, as I'm sure the memories flood your's also, I can see it in your eyes.

I know you miss me just as I much as I miss you, but we can't do anything about it.

But, that's just life.
I wish it didn't have to be this way, but we just can't control it.
I miss you so much that my heart aches, I can't help but feel that this maybe for the best.

As we close this chapter in our lives, I hope you can
remember me for the best and not the worst.

Maybe one day
fate will let us meet again, but for now,




Live life.
  Do something crazy.
[ Make mistakes & Don't regret them. ]

Go wild. Forgive & Forget.
Fight for what's right.
Fall in love. Make new friends.
Do something completely stupid.
Make your mark in life.

Live life to the fullest.



I took the chance.
[ I did the unthinkable. ]
I fell for the guy who is completely wrong for me.
The funny part?

[ He wasn't wrong for me after all.]


Sometimes you just have to..

Forget his smile. Forget his laugh.
Forget his eyes. Forget his dimples.
Forget his hair. Forget his scent.
Forget his hugs. Forget his comfort.
Forget his personality
. Forget his style.
Forget the way he broke your heart.
Forget the way he tore you apart.
Forget the way he looked at you.
Forget the way he looks at her.

Forget that he doesn't want you.

Forget that you love him.
Forget that he loves her.
Forget him.

Sometimes you just have to forget him.