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If you're brave enough to say goodbye;
life will reward you with a new hello.<3

+   Ballet is my passion.
 +   Writing is my escape.
+   Tumblr  = happiness.

Witty? What happened to you?
What happened to the real  quotes?

This breaks my heart;
this isn't the witty I knew months ago.
This is just a facebook 'likes' page now.
Witty, come back. <3

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Quotes by oneCHANCE

   I know the pain is still there;
but for some reason, 
I just don't feel it anymore.


I'm scared;
I can't feel my heart.
[ Just not anymore.]



&& So this Valentine's Day,
I plan on buying stuffed animals, and throwing them at him screaming,
Eff you and

Who's in?

Valentine's Day has always been more heartbreak then love.

The person you love; goes with the person they


&& The guy I like found a girlfriend;
I just wish it wasn't my bestfriend.

Boy, you better be scared.
Because honey,
Revenge has never tasted so sweet.





I always thought

people exaggerated when

they said they cried for nights

because of a boy;

I learned the hard way that they were telling the




& I'm giving up..
I'm giving up on those nights when I would laugh so hard I'd cry because of you.
I'm giving up on those days I would just smile because of you.
I'm giving up all your smiles, your laughs, and your eyes.

& I'm giving up..
I'm giving up on those sleepless nights because of you.
I'm giving up on those teary nights because of you.
I'm giving up on the days when my heart would just break because of you.

& I'm giving up ..on YOU.

& I'm tired of the..

l Jealousy l Pain l Hurt l Waiting l Wanting l
l Heartbreak l Losing l Needing l Anger l Tears l

& I'm tired of
Y O U.



I feel so stupid;
So stupid for ever believing I ever even had a