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Quotes by onedirectionersunite

73% of all directioners think Niall should be kicked out of the band.

fave if you are the 27% that wants him to stay.

Liam: Why didn't the chicken cross the road?

Niall: Because I ate them!
Louis' favorite food of all time is cookie dough.

-this is why I love him
The boys think Zayn always looks good.

Louis has licked Zayn's lips before.

"Everytime I hang out with Zayn I feel like I am cool too."

-Niall Horan

Harry's favorite food of all time is mexican, fajitas.<3

Liam: "When Niall is bored or if thinks something is awkward, he does some wierd Irish dance."


Harry once switched microphones with Niall because managment gave him a lower one.

this is why i love one direction.

"If Niall gives you his last chip, you must be a very special person."

-Zayn Malik<3