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Quotes by onedreamonedirection

This life sucks.
Where can I find another?
Is anybody interested in being my penpal?!!! :")

I hate when guys say "this is why I don't date, I always get hurt"

WELLLL maybe if you didn't date slu+s, and wh0res you wouldn't have that problem.

Pick a nice girl.

I'm a nice girl.

Don't promise me anything if you're just going to break it.
Need a good book to read....
Any suggestions?

Can I get a H311 N0?

You  got   my 

and that's the only thing that matters.
Getting on pandora and the first song to play

describes the feelings you are feeling.
Can I go back to Thursday and redo it?
I let him back in.
I let him in, and he's doing the same thing.
He's hurting me.
He doesn't care about my feelings.
He never did.
You know I still love you, why must you keep hurting me...