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Quotes by onewtaemin

life has never given me lemons.
Why is everyone so depressed about not having a valentine?
People saying they want to kill themselves, "why don't i have a boyfriend" etc.
You know what? Breathe in, now breathe out.
You're alive.
You're at home, safe with people who love you.
What more do you need?
Breathing doesn't mean you're alive.
Maybe we are just small drops of water in a huge bucket,
but every little drop leaves ripples.
Could it be that we were under the impression "life is perfect",
and when that bubble burst,
we understood that every part of it hurts.
You exist,
but do you live?

Using your knuckles
to check how many
days a month has.




I like being alone
because when i stand by myself nobody can compare me to anyone.




Grabbing the edges of your
longsleeved T-Shirt while wearing your jacket
so they dont get lost somewhere inside.