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Hey, I'm Tasha

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Exploring the world a little bit at a time.
I disapear for a weekend & end up in another state, making the most of my teenage years. 
What my parents don't know, won't hurt them. 

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Quotes by DarlingYou'llBeOkay*

When is it my turn to be happy?
Whose going to the Asking Alexandria: Break Down The Walls Tour, on March 25th?
Why can't there be one cute guy, whose nice, & likes me at my school??
You help people that self harm,
You tell people that they're beautiful,
But you can't do that to yourself.
You can't yourself like you help others,
You can't stop self harming.
& you can't stop feeling insecure & worthless.

But you still care about others even when you
don't care about yourself.

& they don't even see that you are dying on the inside.
You always ask them if they're okay,
But they never do the same to you.

You question why you still ask them.
Then you realize they are more important than you.
They have more to live for,
& that's why they dont ask you,
They just say "okay",
When you say "I'm Fine."
& don't even question it.

Even after all of this,
You still want everyone to live their lives to the fullest.
When all you want is to disapear.
That depressing moment when your mom brings you into Hot Topic,
Then tells you, you can't get anything.
convo between my & my friend at pep rally
me: you see the guy in the #3 football jersey?
me: hes hot..& in my business class.
her: dude you gotta talk to him
me: dude im trying.
her: 1st. you have to talk to him. then...you f.uck him
me: O_o ....well that escalated quickly....

SO today was pajama day for my school.& some people came in wearing jeans.
im like "im judging you soo hard right now."
Why do I try to impress someone I know I'll never have a chance with?
today i went to go see Dan the school "shrink".
i told him i punched this guy a few times on halloween for being a d!ck,
& how i want to punch everyone on the face.
He just looked at me & said
"Natasha you're so f*cking violent. You were never this violent.
Actually, you were..."
& right before i left he said
"Try not to punch anyone, even though they are being f*cking d!cks. You need to try not to be so f*cking violent"

lol he's the best.