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just your average 15 year old girl who has an unhealthy obession with music and netflix

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Sometimes we need to be tested.
Not to show our weaknesses,

But to discover our strengths.


 But we're all scared to say the things that are worth saying

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Little Alice fell down a hole, she bumped her head and bruised her soul
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Teenage Posts #1

You Scream Out To Your
Parents And Get Them To
Close Your Door

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Live As If You'll Die Tomorrow

Dream As If you'll Live Forever
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Leave Witty For 10 Days:

What You Thnk Will Happen:


What Really Happens



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Treat Me Like A Joke
Ill Leave You Like Its Funny

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Student: Would You Be Mad At Me For Something I Didnt Do?

Teacher: No I Wouldnt

Student: Good Because I Didnt Do My Homework