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x33 take a wake in my
shoes... i bet you`ll fal'
on the first step <3'
next time you think your perfect
try walking on water <3''
NEOHMiAH --to-- DANNY (real world austin)
3 DOZEN ROSE'S- $110
SHIRT & TIE- $150
haha the real world...love that show!!!
-as long as you have a pretty face..then*
u dont need big fake boobs to get noticed
-|[ Paris Hilton ]|

we've all changed but we're still the same
after all that we've been through, i know were cool
my girls <3 love you to death
let them say we`re crazy what do they'
know , put your arms around me baby&
{ n e v e r } { l e t} { m e} { g o } x3''
x33 nOthing'Zs guNNa cHange thE thiiNgs notHings gunnA make'
tHis rigHt agaiN pLease dOnt tuRn yoUr baC i caNt belivE its hard
juSt tOo talK tO yoU but yOu doNT undErstaNd [( xoxox )] `''
iiM PREttY iiM C0OL
ii D0MiiNATE THE `'
SCH00L [( x33 )]''
--bring it on <33'
xOox who ever said that orange'
was the new pink was seriuosly
disturbed --LEAGALLY BLONDE'
She was a depressed girl who always held her head down.
She was never happy, she always wore a frown. I tried to get her to tell me why she was always so sad. I wanted to know what others did to make her feel so bad. One day she opened up to me and told me everything that was wrong.
She said on this earth, is not where she belonged.
She said her father would hit her until she screamed in pain. Every night he got drunk and he went totally insane.
She said her mother did drugs and she was getting as bad as him. The light i used to see in her eyes had lately grown so dim. She hated to go home, there was just too much hurt. Her parents didn't care, they treated her like dirt. I thought she would be all right, and she would pull through. I tried to be there for her, but i didn't know what to do. One morning a cop came to my door and said, "I'm sorry, but Julia died. Her parents found her in a puddle of blood, She committed suicide." He gave me a hug
and said that Julialoved me so. He handed me a note she wrote before she decided to go. "I love you like a sister,
thanks for always being there. You were like an angel, you were the only person who cared.I'm so sorry i had to do this, but there was nothing else i could do. Never forget me and always remember how much I will always love you."
Laying on the ground, fighting the urge to cry. I try to be strong, but i just want to die. I hold the blade in my hand, feeling the coldness of the metal. Pressing it against my skin, i wait for my nerves to settle. Dropping the blade, no harm is done. it would be too much pain,
so i reach for the gun.*--THIS IS NOT TRUE BUT VERY SAD=(