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People are stupid and I don't like them.

I struggle from post-tuesday depression.

Quotes by orange_blue

when I don't have that much homework

me: omg I'm going to have so much time
me: i can read a book
me: i can make dinner
me: i can learn how to play the piano
me: i can choreograph a dance
me: i can write an autobiography
me: -goes on witty and then takes a nap-

shortest horror story ever:
The only man left on Earth sat alone in his room. There was a knock at the door.

If I get 100 faves, I'll April Fools my dad and tell him
I'm pregnant

don't you dare look out your window
darling    everything's    on    fire

What hurts the most is knowing that you
Missed your chance
Thanks to Steve, we've learned a wonderful lesson this weekend. I think that we should take what we've learned and try to focus more on what's really there rather than just what we see. Not just in quotes, but in everything. ♥ Thank you, Steve!

1. Go on Google.
2. Type in Let It Snow.
3. Press Enter.

Along with Tumblr, Twitter, even Facebook. Don't believe me?!/petition/stop-e-parasite-act/SWBYXX55 is the official Presidential website. As you're reading this quote, Congress is trying to pass a bill to get rid of websites such as the ones I mentioned before. Apparently, some of the things we say online are offensive and we shouldn't be allowed to say things on the internet as we please. If they delcare this act or pass this bill, that could be the end to most of the internet as we know it. This will affect ALL OF US. Don't scroll past this, this isn't spam. This is important. Not only does it violate our freedom of speech, but we know from personal experience that Witty and Tumblr and Twitter turned out to be LIFE SAVERS for some of us. Please take the time to make an account on The Presidential Site above and sign the petition against it.


is my birthday today♥
Can I get a couple faves? :)

is my birthday ♥