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why does it still hurt.?

Rock    and   roll
don't  you know
baby   we're  all
alone now, give
me    something

to   sing   about.

no... i don't love you
i love who you were about two months ago    the guy that held my hand all the time    i love the guy that kissed me goodnight    the one that played with my hair    when my head was on his chest      the guy that fell asleep with me in his arms      i miss the way that you used to talk to me      the way you would do anything and everything for me    like talking to me at three in the morning      just because i had a horrible terrible dream      the way you used to look at me      you know, like i was the best thing in your life      i cry  because of how much you changed      it really kills me cause i am head over heels      in love with you      but i guess that that's a one sided thing now      i remember when you used to be like me      head over heels in love, and mine     ive heard that everybody was jealous      because we were so happy and in love     but i guess thats just about over now      cause i don't love you. i loved what you were
the love of my life /&/ my bestfriend

someone in you family just died
and i     cant even        say sorry
because you hate me          .</3
& it kinda sorta kills me a little

if girls say guy broke up with them cause their gay
do guys say girls broke up with them cause their


no matter how bad its gonna hurt love like crazy
&  eventually  it  will  work <3

computer:  press the any key
my mom: well wheres the any key.. oh

hahah i love her<3

took the midnight train going