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Quotes by orangie182

and he slipped me a thin folded up paper that didn't look like much.
i opened it and it had three perfect roses with the words "i will stop loving you when these roses die"
it meant the world.

I didn't know it was possible for paper roses to die until now </3
I've always been yours you've just never known,
You'll always have my heart therefore, never being alone.
When darkness turns to light it ends tonight
our song :(
i still love you Jake </3

9/24/10 <3
Hes officially all mine(:

My friends say i shouldn't like you because you are not cute enough. Well it's good that your not because now I know I'm the only one who will ever love you this much <3

Glass hailed from the sky that night
I couldn't hide to save my life
Standing drenched in open wounds
You took my hand and pulled me through <3

my emo love <3
No I am NOT too young to fall in love, mom....I just found my soulmate years before you did...<3

Don't you remember how all those really stupid things I said made you laugh and not be able to stop?
Don't you remember watching the sunset over the ocean every night that one week?
Don't you remember riding your favorite rollercoaster over and over with me?
Don't you remember those late night conversations even though there was school?

I remember. You just choose not to because of her...

They are just Three little words.......

So why are they so hard for either of us to say.

I LOVE YOU!!!!! <3