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Just an ordinary kid.

Quotes by ordinarykid

The risk of putting your ipod on shuffle and getting one of your old songs from gr 5 vs the chance of rediscovering an awesome song
Having to pee really bad but just not having enough motivation to get up and go to the bathroom
Nothing worthwhile is easy
How could you understand what I am going through if I don't even know what I am going through?
Just because I hide my emotions well doesn't mean they aren't there
Irony [noun]: When someome writes your a loser.
Reading a sad book alone and letting your emotions run wild
I just want someone to love me as much as Noah loves Allie in The Notebook
I don't come to witty to gain sympathy, I don't come to witty to judge others, I don't come to witty to become famous, I come to witty because this is where people care.
I don't tell people when I'm hurting because the ones who really care notice on their own.