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Just an ordinary kid.

Quotes by ordinarykid

There will always be someone stronger than me. There will always be someone faster than me. There will always be someone smarter than me. There will never be anyone who out works me.
I have never had the urge to hurt myself,
I guess that makes me lucky.
For those who have not had the same luck as me,
Stay strong,
Keep fighting,
Dont give up.
Love yourself,
Because you deserve it.
I've got a better chance at finding Waldo with my eyes close than a boyfriend
The feeling you get when hard work pays off makes up for the pain that you endured in the process
If he's your romeo but you aren't his juliet then you're rosaline and you survive the fcking play
I dare you to Stop cutting for a day and tell me you hurt more than before Eat healthy and tell me that you don't feel better Smile at a stranger and tell me they don't smile back Read this everyday The world is a good place so plan to stay here
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