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hii. my name is aria, i'm 15, and while i've been on witty forever, my profile is new because my darling brother deleted my old one. for those who wanna chat my email is: oreolioleo@gmail.com so email me if you get the urge. :). i'm a great listener and can help anyone who needs it. my mom took pyschology in online college a couple years ago, and i pretty much took the course for her, so i could be a stand-in, free therapist. lol.

uhhhmm... well, i like to make people laugh alot and i always enjoy the chance for a good vent. i love music, and theatre. preforming is one of my favorite things to do, but i am also a writer. i write short fiction, poems, and just about anything really.
i love harry potter, eminem, never shout never, and a million other things but i cant think of them right now.

well i guess thats all for now.


Quotes by oreolioleo

and now you're hurt.

because you were stupid enough to think

f o r   o n c e

you could actually trust.

will never be


when it hurts so much
to know that it all meant nothing
and he was lying


and then you feel worthless.
it's so
to put on that act
day after day.

you know, the one where I'm
life is harder than we make it seem.
and while we're all smiling,
you know we're

-beginning of one of my poems <33
so my old witty account got deleted thanks to my brother :'(.

but it's okay, because i wasn't really famous or anything anyway. 

i just wish i remembered all my quotes. haha, all like 7 of them. :p

so anywhoo... I'm just wondering.... if anybody wanted to be my witty bestfriend?
cuz i need someone to vent to. 
because it's not like any of my real friends care.
true story.

I'll be adding some real quotes soon. k thanks bye.

PS. you're all gorgeous girls :)