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isn't it funny how U and I are together on every keyboard?!
yeah but so are J and K...


I liked that quote, until you told me to "admit it" ♥

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Can Be ruined by "Fave this if you agree"

I cried because , 
Zack and Cody graduated and Hannah revealed her secret... not because he broke your heart, trust me, there are bigger problems than heart break...

Am I the only teenage girl on the planet who
doesn't fight with her parents has ; never had he heart broken ; never had a kiss ; is very close friends with "him" doesn't cry over him every time he's with someone other girl doesn't do anything bad ; still watched kid shows ; doesn't think bad boys are hot ; could live without all of her friends and just have family

TheGirlYouHate is married to TheBoySheCheated
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you think this is the best thing since sliced bread.