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Hey Witty! Welcome to my journal.

I'm Virginia and I'm an 18-year-old recent high school gradute from the U.S of A. I love everything about music; I write it, I sing it, I dance to it and I play a few instruments. I also do theater, ultimate frisbee and cross-country skiing. I'm a busy little butterfly but I ALWAYS have time to help anyone who needs it! I want to be a therapist when I grow up and I love to help out, so shoot me a comment anytime, I'm a great listener. Also I follow back 100% of all the time :)
I took a blade to my wrist once when I found that a good friend of mine had broken his promise not to hurt himself again. 4 marks, once for each broken promise. So I get it. I've been there. I know what that feels like. But I also know that it's not worth it, and you're stronger than that <3

Some people I love:

Michael Jackson! Macklemore, my mom, Eminem, Gene Kelly, Demi Lovato, Three Days Grace, P!nk, Lady Gaga, Breaking Benjamin, fun. Rascal Flatts, Nickelback, the Beatles, American Authors, Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeran, BROADWAY, 5SOS


Some people I DON'T love:

1D (I don't dislike them, but the fad is too much for me) Justin Bieber, Hanna Montana, Rebacca Black, Pitbull, Nicki Manaj, U2, the Rolling Stones, fake people


Inspirational people:

Marylin Monroe, ZainIsMyName, Michael Jackson, flyingbacon7, Nelson Madela, elssakhi, BlackGlitter4, BlackButterflies

That's all for now, I love you all!

Quotes by ourlastsummer

What kind of girl can't get her boyfriend off during a BJ

Loving a man serving active duty in the military is a special kind of hell. He's sent away when he's told, to do as he's told, for as long as he's told. The only certainty is that he will go. 
Loving a man serving in the military reserve is a different kind of hell. He's away for one weekend a month, two days of 30, for drill practice and meetings. That's nothing. It's certain, it's constant, it's dependable. But when he has the option to go away for
9 months at a time, to leave for longer than those two days of 30, that's when the hell begins. He's notified, he applies, he's approved, he's notified of paperwork which never comes, he's harrassed day in and day out by civilian and military supervisors about when he's going where and for how long and "where's the paperwork already" and nothing is certain. You never know if he's going or not until it's too late to make him cute deployment gifts or arrange a going-away party. That is where the hell begins.
We keep this love in a photograph
We make these memories for ourselves.
Where our eyes were never closing,
Hearts were never broken,
Time's forever frozen still...
im up too late talking to my best girl friend who lives across the country, my little sister is up too late talking to her boyfriemd of a year and a half -_-

So...I saw HIM today...he got three weeks leave from Korea to come home for Christmas. We've been snapchatting for months, and HE made me promise to give HIM a kiss when he got home but when we hung out today I was too nervous too kiss HIM so we just walked around town awkwardly clothes shopping because HE has no civilian clothing. But when HE finally had to leave I did kiss HIM goodbye but it was probably the most awkward kiss ever he hasn't talked to me since
help what if I blew it


I just feel so unwanted. And I can't tell if I'm overreacting or if life just hates me right now.
It makes me feel good when random strangers on the internet compliment me, but I dont believe my own friends. No logic.