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i honestly have been bullied .. my WHOLE life !
my bessteest friiiiieend forevveer is hayleey (: 
follow her ! ----> holmes208

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if i took you home it would be a homerun <3 

If your dying .. Everybody suddenly loves you (: 


jersey just got colder..im scar-ed to death. - mayday parade<3

Your the biggest jerk .. but at the same time , you can turn into the sweetest guy in the world. after everything, i still love you. through the fights. through the insults. i love you<3 but the heartbreaking part.. you will never love me back</3.
Yeah. See her? See her around town? See her around school? Ever look at her & see oh she's so happy. When yet in her eyes.. she's bullied. By her looks, what she does, and what she has become. She just wants to be happy again.. but something is missing..the truth. She is too scared to tell anyone anything anymore.. she's afraid that no one will understand&tell. Who is she? She is me. Only.me.no.one.else.
remember when people acutally could be themselves without being judged? yeah .. i do too .. when i was in kindergarten . </3 . 

don't judge me based on my picture .. judge me on my personality. and don't judge me , about what i do. just don't.
When people say my bestfriend is fake..i always say where is the "Made In China" sticker then !? 
that moment , when you hug guys..just to SMEELLLL them <333333 (: (:

the sad moment , when you feel like your loosing your bestfriend.... </3