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I believe the key to my future is horoscopes and fortune cookies.

peacelovekelsie is my love.

Quotes by owleyes

McDonalds Worker : Hello, what would you like?

Customer : Hi, I'd like the sundae with no bacon and less lettuce, and a hamburger without the ham please.

Great way to confuse people.

"Love  me  or  hate  me,  both  are  in my  favor.  If  you  love  me  I'll  always be  in  your  heart.  If  you  hate  me, I'll always  be  in  your  mind."


Once, a doctor asked a patient...

"Do you or any family members suffer from insanity?"

The reply he got?

"No, we all seem to enjoy it."

&Does anyone else think of

[[Fairy Oddparents]]

Whenever they hear the name


The 80's are back.

Skinny jeans;

Teased hair;


Neon colors;


Leg warmers;

&Fluffy boots


I think I'm the only one who remembers


Growing up.

When goodbyes weren't too bad.
When movies weren't that sad.
When smiles weren't fake.
When you always cried for the bigger piece of cake.
When you wished you could cross the street alone.
When you used to play with only a toy phone.
When you laughed about the little stuff.
When you always tried acting tough.
The years you laughed your hardest.
The years you tried your best.
The years when you never got a pimple.
Oh, how those days were so simple.

Part of me.

Part of me wants to let go.
Part of me always says no.
Part of me wants to cry.
Part of me knows when it's a lie.
Part of me thinks to the past.
Part of me thinks we ended too fast.
Part of me hopes of us.
Part of me doesn't agree and has a fuss.
Part of me wishes you'd stop playing this game.
Because Part of me knows it'll always end the same.

For every person who smiles
there's one who cries.
For everyone who's in denial
don't hide behind the lies.
For that time when you're so stressed
You just can't help but be depressed.
For the time when you don't want to try
Don't come up with some little lie
Live while you can
Breathe it in before you die

Because nobody want's to hear
that your smile was just a lie.

The Penny.
A penny lies on the street
It's run over
It's stepped on
But you see
The penny is used to it
Used to feeling unwanted
used to feeling like it doesn't belong
Nobody wants it
People will walk past this penny
Give it a tiny glare
But they won't pick it up
&That's exactly how I feel

Just like a penny.

-Always has been mine, was jocked before, but decided to re-do it(: