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around the house ... watching a movie or sumthin
be back later on today <33 much love <3 ( yur name )

CHRiSTMaS iS iN 31 DaYS !!
                  (  ,,)

writinq in tahoma at the top ... chanqe the days as they qo on! ... and the little picture should be arial 8 ... tahoma in 10 the a's in 12 

hat red with the poof ball plane ... writinq in green ... 

use it bitchess <3

ox _ Danielle
I wish I could get inside your head
  To see what you see
  When you look at me

make the middle section
a cursive kinda font and the top and
bottm in times new roman ... then do what ever u want!!

love you <33
ox Danielle
yOu pUt tHe bEsT iN f R i E n D s
.*mD. cD . tF . Lf . lL . fC . aF . Jw*.
.*cK . bR . lB . mB . lT . Ls . kP . kL*.
.*jV . lL . mF . . iLuSm . x0.

arial 8 your friends where mine are
friends, bold and italic .. pic 2 friends and make
them italic or bold :) hope u like it

if u fallow those rules then it will be line up

ly ox Danielle

x Maybe cupid sh0uld sh0ot himself
o with his 0wn arr0w - then mayb
x he`d see h0w much l0ve h u r t s.

e d i T s *

the x o x part on the first part should be bold to line up in arial 8

pick any pretty color for xox .. sexyy ehh ... all mine babes
Maybe we driffted as friends many times before
and fought like no tomorrow ; hurt eachother w//
the our words but all ended up in sorrow ; forgot
about eachother when were not together ; but in
the end all i say is ___ best . friends . forever
an as dc ll mq cc bt jk jx ml je ct <33 ii love u * bff

friends where minee areee babeszz

use dont abuse
I wanna know what love is like,
   what I want is for u to show me

I'm not afraid to fall in love with you --
I'm only scared that u won't Catch me'

 You know' that place between asleep and awake
 where you still remember dreaming? Thats where
 I'll always love you and there I'll be waiting * tiNkErbElL

all line up arial 8 !!

use dont abusee
Friends are like ** stars ** they come and they
x_ qo _x but the ones that stay are the ones*t
hat* .:`*- qL0w -*`:.

[ your friends anyways u wanna put it ]

use and abuseeee!! lines up arial 8

* ox Danielle *

dAnCiNgbAbYgRl20 im me there =]