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oh hey(:

  Name's Joy, and this is my Witty Profile. [obvi]
My quotes come straight from the heart, they aren't the fake kind of shit,
I come up with most of them myself.

so im not gonna just sit here and bore you but ill let you know a little bit about me.

Well my lyfe
is pretty much my
family and friends.
I love all of them,
too much that it's indiscribable.

I'm always there for them<3
On the other hand,
I'm the type that
L0V3$ a g00d time;
parties, hangouts, carnivals, concerts, dances-  I'm there. [;
There's another side of me: 
I love track & field,
love helping people with their problems, and loves making people
laugh & smile.

Yes, I admit, I'm sarcastic, a bit bitchy
(to the one's that throw shit on me), and confusing at times.
but really, don't tell me you aren't either(:

I'm a little, just a tad bit, kinda OBSESSED with Jersey Shore.
My all time fav movie is: Titanic
[L0V3 Leo Dicap]
Summer needs to come.
Oh, and I live for

' Haters gon     hate , and hoes gon be  hoes .

but when it comes to  love , really  anything
 goes. '

  and that's just life. so you're gonna have to deal with it. end of story.

So any Witty haters out there that have a problem with my quotes,
I'm tellin you now, most likely I  don't care what you have to say, and you're comments aren't gonna  change  that
so just save you're breath. and just get off my page.
easy as that.

Well, I hope you like my quotes!
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Quotes by oxjoyyxo769




I Honestly Don't Understand

How guys can play and screw girls over and over ;
& be
perfectly Fine with it.


Now, I kinda wished you never started to talking to me ;
since all you did was lead me on ,
then screw me over.


When you try saying a good comeback right on the spot, but it comes out like:

That awkward moment when

no one texts you and it's just like
"oh cool, no one loves me."

that awkward moment

when you're watching Cops and you're not sweaty at all...



Whenever Someone Does Something Funny or Stupid

I always say to them
»»» "Silly [name],

Trix are for Kids!"
~ their reactions are priceless ~


You ain't cute.
You stupid.