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             ♥ hmm... where to start?? ♥      
 my name is brianna and i'm in the 8th grade.
i'm a summer baby, born on august 18th (:
i love my friends more than anything.
i've lost some really close friends over the past year,
made some pretty stupid mistakes,
and gone through multiple relationships.
i love scary movies, goofing off, all nighters, painting,
babysitting, dancing in my kicten home alone, texting,
and tanning on the beach <3
i'm really sensative and i consider it a curse,
but it's just the way i am.
i'm alot of fun to be around and i can cheer
anyone up when they're down.
my favorite color is orange
♥ and that's all i have to say :] ♥

Quotes by oxoxBrister35xoxo

boy, you better recognize;;
my love is one of a kind
♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

with today's modern day medicene,

         people are able to recover from pain, depression and illness.
                       but the one thing we haven't found a cure for is heartbreak.
that's something only time can heal

mine for liv :)
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Next year i'm gonna be so hott
i'll be turning gay guys into straight

all mine (: ily holly <3

massachusetts girls
we're unforgetable
short jean shorts
& tank tops on top
soft, pink lips
so hot we'll
melt your icecream truck
woah oh oh
woah oh oh oh oh oh oh!

mine (: not that pretty but i'm in school and there's mot much else i can do to it....

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the hottest love has the coldest ending</33

i don't need to stay up until 11:11 anymore,
now that i have you (:

give me your heart
and i'll give you a
summer to remember

this was centered but witty is being gay.... ahaha (:

let's be nothing;
i've heard it lasts


not mine but it's one of my favorite quotes <33333
favorite this if ...
you've secretly always wanted your mcas to have the
" upside down or blank pages"
that your teacher makes you check for.... (:

mine.hahah just thought of it when i was taking the mcas todayyy XD
a boy who makes you cry isn't
worth your tears and the one who
is would never make you cry <//3