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This is going to be where I post my funny quotes.

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Quotes by p0kemon

Whenever in health class we have a sub and we usually have to read 2 articles and write 2 pragraphs about each summary and I really hate doing that because it's so boring and I sit next to my crush in that class and i'd rather just be talking to him.
So since I can speak 4 more languages (almost fluent) and Iots of different sign languages, I usually say I can't speak English and so does my crush (Michael, I usually tell him how to say stuff.) and we can both 'speak' sign language so we usually just sign each other stuff. so ya being bilingual is rllllllllllly helpful. *u* 

What does the fox say?

"Aw Man!"

(Kim Kardashain & Kourtney Kardashain on a talk show)
He [Kris Humphries, Kim's ex husband] wants an annulment,
is that right? Why would he want that?
He's sueing me for an annulment based on the fact that I 'frauded him into marrying me for publicity.'
But, I think if she was gonna do it for publicity, she'd pick someone that people actually knew. 

The smell of her pu.ssy makes all of the homies cry, ewwwww
Hey Vicky, your co.ochi smells so icky
just the smell of your vagi.na makes me oh so sicky
Hey Vicky, could please explain, how the scent of your
pu.ssy causes me so much pain?


So today was my first day of 8th grade, and everyone grew over the summer, but I didn't (I stopped growing last year)
and I was walking in the hallway and one kid bumped into me and said 'Oh, I didn't see you there!' and another kid (he was a new kid in my grade) and he asked me if I was supposed to be in the elementary school next door. 

imagine during miley's vma performance, danny worsnop runs in, pushes miley out of the way and screams "YOU STUPID F.UC.KING WH.O.RE", 

what do you call a threesome between 3 girls
named chloe, amy, and lydia?


My worst fear is running into one of my internet friends
when i'm with my mom and having to explain to her why me and that person are flipping out and being excited. 

if you think all Australian’s live on a beach in the middle of a desert with koalas in the house and drinking goon and riding kangaroos and emus and saying g’day all day long then you are 100% correct

Plot Twist:
A person from tumblr steals a quote from witty.