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"I need a boyfriend"
 No you don't, you need water, because you sound thirsty

you girl, reading this right now, you're beautiful. let me tell you, i've been on so many profiles and i haven't seen a girl that wasn't. no, i can't see you. and chances are i've never seen you, but your worth everything. we all have our flaws and nobody is perfect. if you think being skinny and having a perfect nose and teeth is perfect, you're wrong. i can admit i could lose weight, i could be pretty if i tried, but who cares? but it's not like i'm sitting home all day complaining about how i'm "forever alone" and stuff. you can't keep saying that because that's just a negative attitude. when you look in the mirrior your eyes see this "too big" girl or this "too skinny" girl and you see all your flaws before you actually see the good things about you. if a guy can't accept you without makeup on or looking your best, your too good for him. i wouldn't worry about getting a boyfriend yet. i'm sure all your friends have one but why be a follower? you can't just sit home and wish you were skinnier, get up and make that happen. you're control of your own body. 

At my funeral, when they're dropping me into the ground, I demand them to play "Drop it like it's hot."

Dirty joke#2
I wonder if Woody and Buzz have ever met Andy's mom's toys. I bet they have the same names. 


laughing so hard my sombrero falls off and i drop my taco

dirty joke#1
so there were 3 nuns who died and went to the gates of heaven. there, they met saint peter who asked them each one question. if they got that question right, they went to heaven. if not, they went to hell. the first nun walks up to saint peter and he asks her, "Who was the first man?." She answers,"Adam". and they bells ring, angels sing and the gates to heaven open. the second nun walks up to saint peter and he asks he, "Who was the first women?" and she replies,"Oh that's an easy one, Eve". and the bells ring, angels sing, and the gates to heaven open. now, the third nun walks up to saint peter and he asks her, "What was the first thing Eve said to Adam?" and she replies, "WOW that's a hard one!" and the bells ring, angels sing, and the gates to heaven open. 


when boy asks for your number infront of your mom.. things get awkward.

when people put lyrics as the description on their facebook pictures. wth is this.

I hate the way movies portray relationships.
It gives us unrealistic expectations of love.

Mom: don't forget! you are what you eat!
Me: I need to eat a skinny person