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Take the high road


I describe myself as an individual with many interests and tastes. I'm not afraid to express my opinions.
   So theres this boy
 he's gorgeous with his big down eyes and his perfect smile. 
 i love when were together i cant stop smiling and laughing
he brightens my world he never lets me forget that he loves me.
 when we cant be together he calls me all the time were always
on the phone txting or on oovoo. He never fails to say that i'm his beautiful angel, that im his Baby girl. i can tell this isnt just summer love. 
he's my world, my life, my everything <3 

06/02/10 i love you tom<3
favor if this made you think bout your boy<33

 You Wanna Know Something boy?
i like you and really sucks.Its not even in my control anymore. i have never cared this much about someone breaking up with me and i have never tried this hard to get someone back. I am terrified of the way you make me feel, its like when i'm not with you you're all i think about and when i am with you i can't think about anything else. Its killing me, i just need to know if you still wanna be with me, if when you said we'll get back together you men't it. if you don't want to get back together... well i'll be heartbroken but i will get over it and we can be friends again but if you could just let me know how you feel that would be great.
the girl you screwed over

I Love you baby. 


                    When i'm with you my heart beats a million times
                                                                and its just by the way you look into my eyes

All minee click the <3  :]

& i didnt think id like you this much
you are completely different then i thought you were when
i first met you and now i think im falling in love with you<3

make it pretty

I'm going to fll
for you
whether you like
it or not
its up to you
if your going to
Catch me



cedit to whoever

oh you left me
with a broken heart
and now i see what i shoulda
from the start
oh you left me
with nothin but a kiss
and now i'm leavin you
with these lips.

the maine<3 heart if you love this song