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Hi, i'm Paige Jean.
I blow out my 14 candles on April fourteenth.
i'm thirteen years young.
i'm in 8th grade.
i have brown hair
& blue eyes.
i need to stop dying my hair so much \:
follow me on tumblr;
soo yeah
i like nyan cat
& im always really bored
im suuper exited because my older brother just got a red camaro♥.


Quotes by paigiejeannie14

Tonight i gave a reason for why i love you with every star. I was doing great, until i ran out of stars.
Hey baby wanna come over to Myspace 
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my Yahoo
Till i Google
All over your Facebook ? 
*Wink Wink*  ;)


Everyone wants happieness,

noone wants pain.

But you can't get sunshine,

without a little rain



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She stands there and trys to catch her breath,
yet a cold tear of agony drips down her cheek.
&all she can think of is how,
He got the best of her.


Somewhere over the rainbow,
 where birds fly.


Dear trees,
Please stop the massive orgy, I haven't been able to breathe in days.

i don't understand the lazy song.

bruno mars says; today i swear i ain't doing anything. but he wrote a song today

I Know This Guy, That . . .
will call me beautiful
will stay awake with me when im sick
will call me back when i hangup on him
thinks im pretty with no makeup
will kiss my forehead
will care about me, for forever.





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