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Hi, i'm Paige Jean.
I blow out my 14 candles on April fourteenth.
i'm thirteen years young.
i'm in 8th grade.
i have brown hair
& blue eyes.
i need to stop dying my hair so much \:
follow me on tumblr;
soo yeah
i like nyan cat
& im always really bored
im suuper exited because my older brother just got a red camaro♥.


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Baby i was born to survive
i Don't belong here, 
 it's time to move on here.
to escape this,


Sara Hasasac is a cool kitten.

My dad asked me yesterday ;
, "what does IDK mean?"
I replied with, "I Don't Know."
she he replied, "why don't you know?"
i said "dad; idk means i dont know.


You know that feeling
you get when your in
a car, and you go over
rail road tracks, and you
get a weird feeling in the
bottom of your stomach?
That's the feeling he gives
me, every time we talk...

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i wish i could tell you how i really feel. ♥..


when i was making this i tried to click share. lmfao♥

How is it
that a shirt I got 3 years ago still fits me, but the
shirt I got a month ago, I've already grown out of?


If i could like



i would like you.

maybe then you'd get the hint.

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