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 hope is the fuel of progress 
An emotionally sensitive politics student who loves cats and alternative r&v. 

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i live my life through phases of despising myself and loving myself unconditionally. whilst the latter probably seems better in theory, i'm questioning to what extent it makes me happy. whilst i'm feeling good about myself and my appearance, i want others to be loud about how they like me too and often that doesn't happen, which disheartens me and i give up liking myself because no one else does.
i wish people didn't get bored of me so easily.
why is there never any warning for how hard love is? why does no one tell you that although you'll fall in love with someone, there will be times when it feels awful? why?
i've just come across all of my old witty accounts, earliest being from 2010, i think. part of me wishes that i'd kept the same one for these six years, because the character development would be so easy to look at.
why is tidying so difficult?
"i suppose doing things you hate is just the price you pay to avoid loneliness"
-mark corrigan, peep show 

getting reasonably bored of being called "commie scum" now. was vaguely funny at first but now it's just being used by 'friends' to scapegoat my opinions and make them a laughing stock.
you're supposedly meant to be drawn to those in life who have similar opinions on the primary issues in life, as a part of human nature. could someone please then explain to me why i surround myself with people with the most contrasting beliefs to mine, so different that i despise talking to them about anything?
types of tea and when to drink them
(a guide by me)

i. green; when you're anxious or stressed
ii. camomile; when your skin looks dry and sad
iii. black; when you're lacking energy or you need a pick me up 
iv. rosehip; when you feel really ill or really sad 
v. peppermint; when you're stressed, when you're super spotty, when you have muscle pain, when you can't sleep or when you're studying

there's something endlessly comforting about being in a room lit only by a candle, something calming about the glow of candlelight.