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Hi. I see you've stumbled upon my profile. And if your reading this then I should probably tell you about  my life. My name is Kelsey. My birthday is February 6th. I am currently in ROTC  in my school. It's  navy ROTC. And I love it. It is literally my entire life. Writing is also a hobby I love to do. But it has to be something I enjoy to write. I also am very shy. If I don't know you, I will be quiet around you. But if I get to know you, I will be the loudest kid you ever will meet. I'm single, not that anyone would go out with this mess of a person. If you want to be friends, then hit that follow button. And comment me. Okay that's it. Goodbye!

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That moment when you finish a season and you're like,"My life is over! There is nothing left for me! A week and a day of watching this, and now it's over! Noooooooooooo!" This is literally what I said.
I asked him to the movies!!!
Alright, so I am going to ask my crush to the end of the year dance (or the Change of Command dance) and lets call him ambulance. So, i've liked ambulance for a while now, and i double pinky promised a friend, so I have to do it. I'm afraid that he is going to say no. I am so afraid!!!! Please help!
So, today after school I had Cyber Patriot. And it's basically a computer class that teaches you to fix computers and hack and protect them, and all that cool jazz. Well, after it, we bought pizza. My normal ratio of pizza eating is two pieces. Well, I had five. I guess it was the fact that I was among friends that had seven to eight pieces, or the fact that I was starving. Haha, everyone, that is my ROTC class :)
I got student of the month for ROTC!!! I am so happy!
Drill competition went great! We won second for armed trick, and I got to spend a lot of quality time with my crush. If you want to know, comment below
Guess who is a black belt second degree!!! This girl!
"No matter how bad things look, if you need a friend to be there, he'll be there"
"I think I found a shortcut to this hero thing. To be a hero is to come out of the fight standing"
Kingdom Heart Recoded
so this is what it feels like to actually know that you let a lot of people down...
Drill competition went greatly. We won third for Armed Trick (i'm in) second for New Cadet Colorguard (i'm also in) and first for academic! A huge shoutout to the entire unit for being there and participating in the competition.