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Hey guyss:) Im Jillian. Im 13 years old...Single and waiting :). Young &reckless<3 Ive had my ups and downs. Ive been through stuff that changed my life for the worst and for the best. I have NO idea what'd Id do with my best friend Kayla...Shes seen me at my worst and at my best shes seen me cry and shes sure as hell seen me smile. Shes been my best friend for just a few months and we've spent almost every weekend with eachother doing who knows what. We are total oppisites but thats what makes us clash so well:) She like my sister without a doubt and shes the best friend I could ever imagine! Shes been with me through a lot and she always has my back. But im sure you guys want to know more about me so here you goo<3 
-I have Mild Depression
-Im suicidal
-Im very shy in the beginning but get to know me and im outgoing and hyper:)
-I will always be here for whoever needs me...Even if we've never talked everyone needs that one friend that you can trust with everything and Ill try my hardest to be that person:)
-Im not very confident in myself and Ive been put down a lot by multipul people in my life and I really dont want it here.

-It takes a lot for me to trust you so if I decide to trust you dont screw with it.
-I have trouble talking to people about my problems so I keep them inside.
-My parents have no idea about my suicide and depression.
-Ive almost went through with suicide a couple times.
-I just wanna be free from this pain I live with.
-Witty is my only escape from this horrible society we live in.
-I love to walk,run,listen to music,Draw,Read,Be outside,Listen to the rain,Meet new people,Make new friends,Helping people,School,Play sports (volleyball,Track),Hang with friends,Be with my best friend,watch movies,stay up late,watch tv,food,Animals,harry potter,lord of the rings,MARVEL superheros(and batman),One direction,Coldplay,Skrillex,Dubstep,Rihanna,Wiz Khalifa,Lil wayne,Chris Brown,Treyz song,Skrillex,The Fray,The Script,Blue eyes,Dimples, taking pictures.making quotes,makeup,doing my hair,being perverted and adding unnecessary letters to woooords,Jennna Marbels,Ray William Johnson,Minecraft ECT.
-Things I hate backstabbers,people who judge,spiders,People who put other people down,blood,girly movies. ECT.


HEYYYYYYYY so this is witty_guy_here, my names steven btw ;)  well im jillians hyper buddy and we are also best friends. funny things we just met today. lol (todays october 8th i think) well you should defs follow her because she is totally amazing and awesome. :D shes beautiful too! So yeah thats about all from me. and to you jillian, I HACKED YOU. see caps made it cooler.  ok byeeee

Hehhe got my tummy done<3 Annnnd im fat so yeah..Dats all.

I love her:) Thats Kayla BTWW!

HELL YEAH!! Sparkles<3

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to players, we're hot.
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to relatives, we're 
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but to ourselves, we're 


I finally found love...♥ 
on page 578 in the dictionary.
Sorry The boyfriend you requested 
is currently out of stock 
we hope you can forgive us with this 
free apology cat instead.
On 12/21/12 people will be making end of the world jokes 
like there's no tomorrow.
My mind: Hes sweet,nice,loving,caring,cute,funny,just perfect<3 
Reality: Its all a joke.
Really need to talk to someone:/
No freakin idea what to do. :/ 
Its really f*cking cool when you and your ex break up 2 weeks ago then your so called "best friend" decides to tell you that she might be pregnant with his freakin child-_- Fml