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Quotes by pandasandlove

life is only precious because it ends

-percy jackson
some of us think 
holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.
~Herman Hessa

smile so hard it breaks your face, darling, no matter how hard it hurts
The fantasies you make up in your head
of people actually caring
You know you're lazy when...
You use the handi-cap buttons to open a door, instead of just pushing it.
Fact or Opinion:
My family is addicted to technology.

Proof: My sister and I were taking a walk and she brought her I-pod. My mom said my dad was on the phone and to get home quickly. We started running and she never stopped playing Bubble Busters. .__. (PS. She beat 2 levels .____.)

NO heart is perfect, in drawing or life.


Never call a girl a flirt when she's just being nice. And NEVER call a girl obsessed when she's just LOVING YOU <3
- Zayn Malik
I'm listening to Other Girls from Mulan 2 and all my memories came back
My sister just  tried to grab the mouse and log me out of witty.

              tackled her.