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 Hi, you. It seems you have found my again. Let's not make this anymore awkward than it has  to be. (+)the outsiders,food,the 80s,emblem3,keaton stromberg,wesley stromberg, drew chadwick,panda bears, Jack&finn harries,internet high five if you are actually reading this, counting stars, witty (obviously),if you read this I love you, books, gone with the wind, dreaming, hoping, smiling, photography, writing,drawing,being cute and such
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Quotes by pandasandlove

Don't let a bad DAY make you feel like you have a bad LIFE.
Love  doesn't need to be PERFECT, it just needs to be TRUE.
            Because you NEVER how absolutley perfect something could turn out to be.

YOUR the friend I'd feel worst about killing in the post-apocalyptic match for food.

Life isn't about finding yourself...
Life is about CREATING yourself <3
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