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pandasandlove's Favorite Quotes's a witty thing9
You won't leave Witty the same person you were when you joined it.
Honestly the only reason I want to grow my hair long is so that I can cover my boobs with it just like the mermaids in Peter Pan did.'s a witty thing12
Telling secrets to strangers is normal, healthy, and relieving.'s a witty thing11
The heartbreak you go through when one of your favourite users leaves.

          You know there's a book written about you?
          Yeah it's called Horton hears a BîTCH ÅSS LITTLE LIAR

Me: *Walks into ice cream parlor*
Me: *Braces self*
Me: I would like a vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles.
Me: Nailed it.

Group of people: *Carelessly mentions something I'm completely obsessed with*
Me: *Jumps into active volcano as I try not to scream to the whole world about how I've dedicated my whole life to that thing*

Bell: *Rings*
Teacher: *Tries to hand us homework*
Me: lol times up. Not this time honey.
Me: *runs away*

What does Lil Wayne do on Christmas Eve? 
He raps presents.

They call me Macklemore in math class
because I'm always like; what what what what
what what what what what what what what
what what what what

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