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 Hi, you. It seems you have found my again. Let's not make this anymore awkward than it has  to be. (+)the outsiders,food,the 80s,emblem3,keaton stromberg,wesley stromberg, drew chadwick,panda bears, Jack&finn harries,internet high five if you are actually reading this, counting stars, witty (obviously),if you read this I love you, books, gone with the wind, dreaming, hoping, smiling, photography, writing,drawing,being cute and such
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pandasandlove's Favorite Quotes

are not ugly. they're freaking adorable.
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♥you make me strong

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It's not a walk in the park          To         love
each                     other

I've faked the happiness so well that even my friends think I'm happy.

me:I have waited 50 years for this.
mom:You're 17.
me:I have waited 50 years for this.
This quote does not exist.

for better or    for worse
you're my best friend

I like to smile at people who don't like me because I'm an a-sshole

Do  you  guys  ever  have  that  thing
when you like someone but you dont want to admit it to yourself so you're

kind of just like omg i like him but also kind of like no i dont shut up me

Why is Santa’s sack so big?
Because he only comes once a year
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