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so basically im sarah;
i go with the flow.
summer . beach . thongs . fireworks .
a complicated wreck.
completely contradicting. 

"forgive and forget" 
"everything happens for a reason" 
"never overlook the obvious" 
my quotes to live by�

im always available to chat if you need anything at all, 
i don't give amazing advice, but if you ever need to vent 
just drop me a line(:

Quotes by parisvintage

feeling like you have no friends. 

always having to be the one to speak up. 

missing when people came to you. 

being the only one in your group not invited to that party. 

wondering why you are always edged out. 

i miss being included. 

i miss having real friends that i know i can turn to. 

no matter what. 

and all of this. 

is making me feel like sh*t. 

all of the time. 

making me hate everything and everyone. 

i miss you, more than i can admit. 

i love my scars
they represent a chapter in my life that i went through
and eventually overcame.


i want to cut. and i want to see blood
i want to feel something other than nothing


Do i miss you? Yeah i do. 
I miss you so much that it hurts. It kills me.
Sometimes i wish i had never met you, because you i have one more scar.  
Because i like you.
Because I like you so much it makes me abit crazy sometimes. 


❥ it's the thrill of the cut 

f*ck this all. f*ck life. f*ck everything. im over it all. 


as soon as i finally feel good about myself, 

something happens and i sink all the way back down..

omg. sdfghjkl;
what the hell just happened. 

blood stains on my razor♥