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Quotes by pasquai

i love you but it doesn't matter 

i'm invisible to you.

i just realized
if any kid from my school found my witty; i'd be screwed.

waited all this time
to be with you,
found out you ain't nothing new. 

i know it's just a summer fling

but i don't wanna be just another girl on your list.
nmf (; 

i cried,

never gonna hold the hand of another guy


too young for him they told her.
waiting on the love of a traveling soldier.                               


i 'd do anything
just to be your everything.

we 're meant to be

i'm just waiting for him to realize that too.



i love him ;
he just doesn't know i exist.

   i'd give it all to not be living

he'll miss me

but by then i'll be long gone.