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I probably Dont know you but...
I see you've found my profile-Well here are a few words for yaa.....
FOOD.Pinkyy Pants.Inside Jokes.Fuzzy Sockss.EXTENDED Family.and my whole life summed up in onee word...
Okayy now to the boringg stuff..... i loovee my friends and i could'nt live without them. i "strongly dislike" school and homework of course but at least my friends are there with me.♥ im single but nott desperate but of course alwayys looking out for him
T Swiffers, Bruno Mars, nd Eminem get me throught he hard days and 

As you can probbably tell, the beach is ,my life... and summer of course.
Besst Times Evver ♥
Im pretty much home alonne all the time so if youre boreed to justcomment.... I would lovee to meet a new witty friend


soo ready for fall....completing my bucket listt :D

Quotes by pawprint8

Just keep on swimming swimming swimming keep on swimming swimming swimming

-Dori -finding nemo-

I asked my Dad if
Willow Smith's
"I whip my hair" 
was his favorite song...

(He's bald)

I HATE it when you have breakfast and you still have like a bowl-full of milk but you run out of cereal hahaha

I would if I could but I don't want to so i'm not
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