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I probably Dont know you but...
I see you've found my profile-Well here are a few words for yaa.....
FOOD.Pinkyy Pants.Inside Jokes.Fuzzy Sockss.EXTENDED Family.and my whole life summed up in onee word...
Okayy now to the boringg stuff..... i loovee my friends and i could'nt live without them. i "strongly dislike" school and homework of course but at least my friends are there with me.♥ im single but nott desperate but of course alwayys looking out for him
T Swiffers, Bruno Mars, nd Eminem get me throught he hard days and 

As you can probbably tell, the beach is ,my life... and summer of course.
Besst Times Evver ♥
Im pretty much home alonne all the time so if youre boreed to justcomment.... I would lovee to meet a new witty friend


soo ready for fall....completing my bucket listt :D

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I want a guy
Who will come to church with me every Sunday.
Who will be there for me whenever I need him.
Who prefers to talk to me rather than kiss me.
Who doesn't mind that I'm not a touchy-feely person, and that I'm claustrophobic.
Who doesn't mind me singing Taylor Swift at the top of my lungs while I'm driving,
And who will occasionally join in with me. 
I want a guy who doesn't think I'm too old to sleep with 7 different stuffed animals
Who picks me wild flowers rather than buying roses.
A guy who doesn't get jealous of my celebrity crush on Josh Hutcherson.
Who tries to bring me up when I'm down, instead of just coming down and being sad with me.
Who isn't bothered by the fact that I'm a socially awkward penguin.
Who loves my cat, and understands that sometimes, the cat is more important.
I want a guy who will volunteer at the animal shelter with me, and not get annoyed when I go crazy over the puppies and kittens.
Who will let me fantasize about being famous someday. 
I want a guy who I can tell all my secrets to.
And if he ever found my witty, I wouldn't be worried about it
because he would already know everything there.
A guy who tells me I'm beautiful and brags about me to his friends.
I want a guy who loves me for me.

But I guess that's too much to ask. 

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  "You see that girl?" 

I pointed over to a girl sitting all alone at a round lunch table.
"Yeah what about her?" The blond kid laughed. 
I rolled my eyes got up and picked up my tray and walked over to that round table and sat down next to her.
She didn't look up. She lept her eyes down and kept listening to music.
"Hi, my name's Jason." I said.
 She looked up. Her eyes were red from crying and had sadness and confusion written all in her eyes.
"Why are you talking to me?" she asked.
"Well, I want some real friends. Will you be my friend, forever?" I asked.
A big grin appeared on her face, "Yes."
"Pinky promise?" and I held out my pinky.
"Pinky promise." She replied firmly.



Screw school,
I'm gonna become a pot dealer and sell many other useful kitchen utensils.

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