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Quotes by pceluvcheer

>>student: can i go to the bathroom?

>> teacher: no, wait until your lunch period

...okay well if i pee in my pants, your cleaning it up...


and i'm scared for the 
i'm scared that things won't work out;
i wish i knew everything would turn out okay.
i guess i won't know until it happens,
but that's life.


thworst thing
You can ever tell a girl
 is thaher crush

Doesn't like her back



Good girlkeediaries;
bad girls never have the time..


 you said you needed
a little time for my mistakes,
its funny how you use that time  

to have me replaced.. ♥



why fit in;
you were born to stand out 


s h i t

goes down in the girls bathroom.. ♥

& really, I'm fine;
soon things will have to change  ;; 
and maybe, just maybe,
we can all bhappy again

no, don't
worry about me, 
& please keep acting like I wasn't there for you when 


the only person you're embarrassing is yourself.

i wish i could forget about you"/