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Quotes by peace_love_KYLEE

*.:When we first talked to each other:.*
i knew we would always be friends.   Our friendship
has kept on growing and i will be here for you to
the end.You listen when i have a problem and help
dry the tears from my face. You take a w a y my
sorrow & but happiness in its place. We cant forget
the fun we've had, laughing til our faces turn
blue. talking of things only we find f u n n y. People
think we're insane... if they only knew. i guess
this  is  my  way  of saying thanks for catching me
when i fall.thanks again for being the bestfriend
*.:&+ being here with me through it all:.*

*no credit for the quote
W  h  a  t    I s    T  h  a  t    P  a  i  n  t  b  r  u  s  h    F  o  r ?     A r e    Y o u
P  r  e  p  a  r  i  n  g    T o     D  r a w     M  e   ?     N o  ,     No ,    W  a  i  t .
//P  l  e  a  s  e                                                                                                                                  D  o  n  ' t      \\: 
 I Am  Scared  Of  What  I  Will  See.

no credit for the quotee , but my fadee (:

h e r     f a v o r i t e       s o n g       w i  l    l      s a y       m o r e        a b o u  t      he r
than her mouth evewill

it takes 43  muscles to frown  ;
it  only  takes  16   muscles   ;

no creditt for the quote. but my fade (:
why  can't   we  get  all  the  people
together in the world that we really like & then
just stay together? i guess that wouldn't work.
someone would leave.someone always leaves.
then   we    would    have    to    say   good-bye
i   hate    good-byes.    i    know    what    i  need.
i need some more hellos in my life.

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*&+F O R E V E Y O U N G
i wanna be forever young ; do you really
want  to  live  forever?  forever and ever ;
f o r e v e r    y o u n g   i    w a n n a   b e.

i love this song so much<3
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.:the best kind of friend is the one you:.
could sit on with porch with, never saying a word, and
walk alway feeling like that was the best conversation
.:you've    ever    had    in    your    life:.

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i ' m  a f r a i d  of 
 m y  m a i l m a n ;

[(he knows where i live)]

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smart listens to the head ;
stupid listens to the heart ;
b e s t u p i d <3

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.:I don't understand why Cupid:.
was  chosen   to   represent   valentines  day.
when  I  think  about  romance, the last thing
on   my   mind   is   a  short,  chubby  toddler
.:coming at me with a weapon:.

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