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My Head tells me it will never happen
ButMyHeart knowsBetter

You know what boy?
I wish you could see what you've done.
You really screwed it up.
She feels put on and messed up, like you lied to her to make her feel better.
She just wants to get this whole thing over with.
The problem is, she still likes you.
not mine
He  was like my best friend.
We teased each other constantly, and
there never seems to be a pause in
our conversations because we never
run out of things to talk about.
He talked about sports, I talk about
clothes, we were like brother and sister,
only without the fighting.
I was there when he broke up with
his first girlfriend and watched him pretend
not to care.
I always listened when we talk on AIM,
mostly about the girl he likes 
and I can't tell him how much it hurts,
because he's too nice.
That's right, I'm totally and completely

in love with him.

no credit...just edited some words
Im A Sucker for Those Brown Eyes
Him: Hey whats up
Her: I LOVE YOU nm math hw
Him: Oh well I LOVE YOU yup its pretty tough
Her: *sigh*
Him: *sigh*

^^ i wish it really happened ]=


Always listen to your heart;                          
Becuase even though its on your left side             
Its always right                                              

Michelle Tanner: My dad always told me that if you have nothing nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all. Well, my Daddy's not here!
and you're a weanie!