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 a little about me

Lets Just get some things out of the way.


1. Mac & Cheese IS breakfast of
the champions.

2.  Music is my happy place

3.I still sleep with a stuffy,
but I don't need to. ;D

4. I'm a pretty bubbly person but also
extremely sarcastic

5.If my mom let me,
I would wear converse to bed

6. I think Jesus wouldn't mind gay
or lesbians.

7. I don't have a ton of friends I
have a small group of best friends.

8. They are the best.
9. I have two sisters that are 10 years
older than me

10. I have no idea what I'm going to do with my life...maybe a photographer

11. Purple just happens to be the best
color in the world

12. I don't have a tv or microwave in
my house

13. I'm 14 years young

14. I'm just a tad sarcastic

15. Life is either very long or very short it
depends on your point of view

16. I'm a freshman

17. Canada is awesome I live in
America and I like guys with british
or Australian accents but would
give up a hotty for love

17. My dream ages are 18, 23, and 28

18. I just happen to be in love with all music
(except some country and gospel)

19 My favorite number is 1104

20. I don't like odd numbers.
I have like some serious OCD
with those stupid odd numbers

21. I have really low self-esteem

22. I still have a blanky...

23. I don't need to have someone
preach to me about what I believe in.

24. I have insomnia.
(I can't fall asleep)

Oh yeah....


Some things thaT
Make m

What Keeps me Sane

 What I wear
Converse, Skinny Jeans,
Tanks or T's,

What I believe in
Ringioism, Karma,

My own little escape from the
rest of the world


These Just happen to be Amazing



peaceeater's Favorite Quotes


To the 31 U.S. Troops who were killed in a Helicopter crash in Afghanistan today.

fave if you care.


Bye Witty. I'm leaving.

This website has become b.u.l.l.s.h.i.t.

I don't care about one direction or the hunger games.

I post a quote asking for help, not one comment,

but a quote about one direction? more like 50.

It's like real life, where no one gives a s**t about me. 

Thanks for not being here for me and everything.
I wasted over 3 f***ing years here.

Thanks for nothing.



This quote does not exist.
Love begins with a smile (:
grows with a kiss :)
& ends with a teardrop <|3

  Using the 
'Because you love me'
excuse. ♥   ♥  

If a camera lens is a CIRCLE, why are the pictures SQUARE?

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He gave me his last name in exchange for my heart

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