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 a little about me

Lets Just get some things out of the way.


1. Mac & Cheese IS breakfast of
the champions.

2.  Music is my happy place

3.I still sleep with a stuffy,
but I don't need to. ;D

4. I'm a pretty bubbly person but also
extremely sarcastic

5.If my mom let me,
I would wear converse to bed

6. I think Jesus wouldn't mind gay
or lesbians.

7. I don't have a ton of friends I
have a small group of best friends.

8. They are the best.
9. I have two sisters that are 10 years
older than me

10. I have no idea what I'm going to do with my life...maybe a photographer

11. Purple just happens to be the best
color in the world

12. I don't have a tv or microwave in
my house

13. I'm 14 years young

14. I'm just a tad sarcastic

15. Life is either very long or very short it
depends on your point of view

16. I'm a freshman

17. Canada is awesome I live in
America and I like guys with british
or Australian accents but would
give up a hotty for love

17. My dream ages are 18, 23, and 28

18. I just happen to be in love with all music
(except some country and gospel)

19 My favorite number is 1104

20. I don't like odd numbers.
I have like some serious OCD
with those stupid odd numbers

21. I have really low self-esteem

22. I still have a blanky...

23. I don't need to have someone
preach to me about what I believe in.

24. I have insomnia.
(I can't fall asleep)

Oh yeah....


Some things thaT
Make m

What Keeps me Sane

 What I wear
Converse, Skinny Jeans,
Tanks or T's,

What I believe in
Ringioism, Karma,

My own little escape from the
rest of the world


These Just happen to be Amazing



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