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Quotes by peacegirl270

Am I the only one seeing cats and Happy Birthday on the Witty banister when I scroll over it?
Anyone else remember

that Disney movie where

Tyra Banks played a

Barbie that became a real

If there was an Olympic sport in losing battery power, I would get the gold.
Teacher: I need a word with you.

Me: *thinking* Oh god...why? What have I done? Was it because of that one time in kindergarten when I stole that kid's crayon? Or in 4th grade when I didn't say 'bless you' when that girl sneezed? Or was it that one time...
RIP Kurt Cobain

19 years ago today he committed suicide. He will forever be remembered as a great musician and man. He was an inspiration to all.
Adam Levine and those other guys
Harry Styles and those other guys
Chris Daughtry and those other guys
Joe Jonas and his brothers
David Grohl and those other guys
Florence Welch and those other people
Selena Gomez and the others and Fergie and those two other guys
Hayley Williams and the others
Justin Timberlake and those other guys
Nicole Scherzinger and the other girls
Chris Martin and the other guys
Travis McCoy and the others
Max George and the other guys
Perrie Edwards and the other girls
Mick Jagger and the others
Kurt Cobain and the other people

This is sad.
I still believe in God and have

my own beliefs, I just don't

want to go to a stuffy church

with narrow minded people.
The past is a construct of the mind. It

blinds us. It fools us into believing it.

But the heart wants to live in the

present. Look there. You'll find the


-Total Recall
It is each man's quest to find out who

he truly is, but the answer to that lies

in the present not the past. As it is for

all of us.

-Total Recall
Going out to the movie theater and going "I wanna see that!" at every movie trailer.
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