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peacegirl270's Favorite Quotes

If you're strong enought to take that blade & draw it across you skin. If you're strong enough  to take those pills & swallow them when no ones home. If you're strong enough to tie that rope & hang it from the ceiling  fan. If you're strong enough to  jump off that bridge, my friend . You are strong enough,  to live.
-Iain S. Thomas.
Can you like, not have a boyfriend
in front of me, thank you.
Adam Levine

Maybe we should make "straight marriage" illegal. It doesn't seem to have a very high success rate.
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Noncares unless you're

Pretty or Dying

Its funny how my mum thinks my friends are a bad influence but most of the things me and my crazy friends do are my ideas.
I'm a Victoria's Secret model.
It's such a secret that not even Victoria knows.
When it rains:

Normal People: Oh no its raining. I cant go out and do things.

Most Wittians: Yay its raining. That gives me an excuse not to go outside.

Me: *doesnt even notice because Im on witty*


Super White Girl Problems #2205
When you look at
kids in the hallway and think,
"Hate. Hate. Double hate.



So Relatable #6029:
Having a pet is great. You can blame all suspicious sounds on them.
"What was that?"
"Oh, just the fish"
 Texting a person who doesn't use emoticons

 is like being locked in a room alone with Kristen Stewart