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Quotes by peacegirl88


"I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant. It is what one chooses to do with the gift of life that determines who they are."
Do something

Permanently Stupid

Just because you're


"If you want
to make
your dreams
come true,
You have to

Wake up."
"Live out of your
Not your

                                                                                             ~Stephen R. Covey

            Speak your mind,

even if your voice shakes 
                                       ~ Maggie Kuhn
What do you call
a bear with no teeth...?

A GUMMY bear.

A cannibal took a walk and passed his brother...

It's a stupid joke. You'll get it eventually.
I just wish that life could be a little nicer to us all.
Maybe give us a better start,
An easier end.
Just maybe give us more hope and wonder and happiness.
But I know it won't happen.
Life is simply hard.

Just a silly hopefull thought I get...
I really hate when I go through my old quotes,
And fav one because it was funny.
Then I see the notification like "WOOOOOT"
and it's just from me...
So my cat is just sitting there,
glaring at the floor like it called his momma a mean name...

I'm mildly concerned.