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 Yo, my name's Caci.

Quotes by peacehappy2

 I  Hate When People Try  to 
demonstrate  a  fight  and  they use you  as  an  example

So You're Just Like:
“Okay, you  can  quit  fake-punching  me  now…”

Try  to  Imagine  How Many People

would  be  together  if

People  Just Told  People  That  They  Liked  Them

 &  I've always wanted to throw a
Massiv House Party

Like On TV  

 I like it when guys wear

sweat pants
 Date like a Boy

so you don't get played

Like a Girl.
 I love it when boys have

raspy voices
  When you see a cute boy somewhere
and you wish you

knew his name 

*& I hate saying "no" or "I can't" when someone invites me to go do something...It's like you can practically feel their disappointment.*
*&+ After reading Shakespeare,

always want to walk around saying things like:
"I feel  thy love's art
*&+ When we finally go out,
you that I will listen
to all of the love songs I

possibly can<33 *